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FM One-Way Car Alarm CX-601FM

Brand: carvoxx
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FM One-Way Car Alarm CX-601FM


1. Ultra-long FM remote control range (One-way range up to 800m)
2. Code hopping technology for anti-scanning and anti-grabbing
3. Compatible with factory security system
4. Multiple user-programmable features
5. Long range remote start with gear position checking
6. Multiple signal detection (Tach, High-Voltage and Oil sensor) for remote start
7. Reservation mode and Turbo mode selectable
8. Valet mode
9. Anti-carjacking system
10. Door/hood/trunk sensors
11. Silent arm/disarm/alert
12. Automatic windows roll-up (Optional)
13. Automatic dome light supervision
14. Remote trunk release
15. Programmable auxiliary output
16. Interface of microwave sensor or ultrasonic sensor
17. Smart LED indicator
18. Remote engine starter
19. Turbo mode function

Including 2 LCD Remotes