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Your Position: Home Car & Motorcycle Alarm System One-Way Alarm AM One-Way Car Alarm System CX-602AM

AM One-Way Car Alarm System CX-602AM

Brand: carvoxx
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AM One-Way Car Alarm System CX-602AM



1. Arm/Disarm/Rearm
2. Mute arm
3. Car locating/Panic
4. Central lock automation
5. Trigger mode ID function
6. 2 stage shock sensor
7. Shock record
8. Reminding of closing door
9. Emergency calling
10. Anti-hijacking funciton
11. Automatically arm (Optional)
12. Arm Reminding (Optional)
13. Trunk Release (Positive/Negative output optional)
14. Window rising up
15.Dome light delay
16. Memory function
17. Resetting function
18. Electric/Pneumatic converting
19. Positive/Negative trigger of side doors (Optional)
20. Code learning for new remote/ Cancel old code

Technical Specification:

         Main Unit
Output Current: Direction Light 5A*2, Siren 10A, Central Lock 10A
Working Voltage: 12V±2V
Static Current: <20mA
Indicator Current: 20mA
Shock Sensor Current:<1mA

     Remote Transmitter
Working Voltage: 6V-12V
Frequency: 315 MHz/433.92 MHz
Code Mode: Learning Code
Code Times: >1 million times
Working Frequency: 315 MHz/433.92 MHz