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HID Xenon Bulb 9006

Brand: carvoxx
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HID Xenon Bulb 9006


Power: 35W
Lumination: 2,500~3,500lm
Lifespan: 3500 hours
Operating temperature range: -40-105℃
Color temperature: 6,000K
Voltages: 70V-100V

Color temperature available:

3,000K golden
4,300K yellow white
6,000K shallow yellow
8,000K blue white
10,000K Cambridge blue
12,000K bluish-purple
15,000K blue red
20,000K pink
25,000K mauve
30,000K purple

HID Xenon bulb advantages over halogen:

Extension of lifespan of battery due to low power consumption
Excellent in signal and lane reflection due to high-color temperature
Four-time brightness than normal halogen lamp
Compatible with original halogen system, easy to install

Xenon lamp quality & warranty:

Certifications: CE, E-Mark
Defective rate: <2%
Warranty: 12 months warranty

HID models:

HID single beam: H1,H3,H4-1,H7,9004-1, 9005,9006,9007-1
HID Hi-lo beam: H4-2,9004-2,9007-2 xenon for low beam and halogen for high beam
HID telescope: H4-3,9004-3,9007-3, single bulb switching between high beam and low beam
HID Bi-xenon: H4-4,9004-4,9007-4, 2 xenon bulbs for high and low beam

Packing details:

20 sets/carton
Dimensions (L x W x H): 72 x 32 x 46cm
Volume: 0.078 cbm
N.W.: 35kg
G.W.: 23kg